John Valentine, Country Manager, Daikin Ireland with Liam Kirwan, Technical Sales Engineer, Eddy Ponjaert, Senior Sales Coordinator, Daikin Europe.

John Valentine, Country Manager, Daikin Ireland with Liam Kirwan, Technical Sales Engineer, Eddy Ponjaert, Senior Sales Coordinator, Daikin Europe.

Daikin Europe N.V. is the sales and manufacturing head quarter responsible for the air conditioner sales in Europe, some parts of Africa and the Middle East.

Daikin Europe N.V. was formed in 1973 in Ostend, Belgium. The intervening years have seen this facility progressively transformed into over 150,000m² and the most advanced air conditioning plant in Europe, producing equipment for markets as diverse as Norway and South Africa.  

The recent addition of European production facilities in Plsen and Brno in the Czech Republic have added to capacity and optimised lead times to all markets. The company has wholly owned affiliates in the UK, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Greece, Portugal, Poland, Central Europe, South Africa, The Netherlands and Sweden a network of independent distributors throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East and offices in Dublin, Moscow, Istanbul & Dubai. 

The product range
A comprehensive range of air conditioning and refrigeration products and systems for commercial, residential and industrial applications is produced and supplied from the Ostend plant, supported by the Czech factories.

Core products include split air conditioners & heat pumps, sky air units, air and water cooled chillers, ‘state of the art’ VRV systems, packaged units, ‘Daikin Altherma’ heat-pump based home heating units, plus air purifiers and a complete suite of user friendly computerised air conditioning management and monitoring control systems.

All of these systems ensure that maximum energy efficiency is achieved throughout the operational life of the product – a philosophy central to Daikin Europe and one that is underpinned by continual research. 

Product quality 
Quality is implicit throughout the product supply chain and all units are rigorously tested as part the company’s defence against equipment failure in the field. Compliance with ISO9001 and EUROVENT product test requirements is also maintained by round the clock performance monitoring under simulated field conditions. Underpinning our goal of providing the highest level of quality is the technical backing received from Japanese parent company, Daikin Industries Ltd, providing Daikin Europe with access to the most advanced air conditioning research and development facilities in the world. Daikin is the only air conditioning manufacturer producing both its own compressors and refrigerants.

Environmental consciousness
Daikin is a global leader in its field in its commitment to energy conservation, environmental consciousness and safety, adhering to and often pre-empting international and local legislation in these areas. 

In 1998, Daikin Europe became the first European air conditioning manufacturer to receive ISO14001 certification and all its affiliate companies are expected to meet ISO14001 requirements in all areas of their business operations. Furthermore, in 2002, the company formulated its own pre-emptive response to EU ‘Restriction of Hazardous Substances’ (RoHS) and ‘Waste, Electric and Electronic Equipment’ (WEEE) directives.

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