Henry Kerr, General Manager, Scotland & Ireland, Weishaupt UK with Niels Kleijn, MA Services

Henry Kerr, General Manager, Scotland & Ireland, Weishaupt UK with Niels Kleijn, MA Services

MA Services – Servicing and Commissioning of all Heating Ventilation, Boiler and Burner Services

MA Services is a small Servicing Company, with over twenty five years of experience in the Heating – Ventilation – Boiler  – Burner industry. 

RGII registered, we service Gas Oil and Biomass, Pellet burners and combination pellet log combination, SHT GmbH have appointed us sales and service agents. Most pellet burners are serviced by us domestic and Commercial.

However recently our business has changed direction again as we have grown over the years, Weishaupt has a range that is second to none and we now have entered a good working relationship with Weishaupt.

We are entering a new exciting era in Ireland, where price will no longer  be the criterion for purchasing energy efficient equipment, but will see the market being directed towards efficiency, reliability and the use of dual fuel burners  due to the complex nature of fuel pricing and availability.

Governments concerned with the reduction in burning fossil fuels and reducing their carbon footprint are passing legislation and issuing incentives to control and reduce these levels. The result of this legislation will demand the use of higher levels of design, equipment and installation.

The new range of Digital burners with Electronic Compound Regulation and Multiflam Technology, giving the equipment a level of efficiency and reliability that arguably cannot be outperformed by the competition.  

The Weishaupt range of burners are competitively priced, any differences in cost between ourselves and competition should quickly be recovered by fuel savings due to the efficiency of our equipment.

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