ESB Electric Ireland Wins €22 Million Eircom Contract

ESB Electric Ireland has won a Eur22 million contract to supply eircom Group’s strategic energy requirements over the next two years. As part of the contract, ESB Electric Ireland will supply electricity to 81 major telephone exchanges and installations and eircom’s new corporate headquarters at Heuston South Quarter, and support the company with long range energy procurement.

According to Derek Russell, industrial & commercial business manager of ESB Electric Ireland, the company has developed a highly flexible, innovative contract which will help drive cost-savings and energy efficiency for eircom.

“Volatility in wholesale energy markets, such has been the case in recent times, can make it difficult for large energy users to accurately forecast their long term needs and costs,” he says. “We have structured this new contract in a way which brings the client ‘inside’ our energy trading centre and enables them to leverage the expertise and experience we have in managing the gas, carbon and foreign exchange inputs that determine their final energy costs.”

ESB Electric Ireland has enjoyed a six year relationship with eircom during which time it has partnered with the company on internal eircom energy awareness campaigns; provided advice on cost saving opportunities; shared its energy auditing expertise and offered regular advice and updates on energy market developments including long range energy forecasts.

Over the next 24 months, ESB Electric Ireland will be seeking opportunities to help eircom further exploit energy cost-saving and efficiency initiatives through the installation of Energytracked, ESB Electric Ireland’s energy and environmental management system.

Paul Quinn, director of group procurement and supply chain management at eircom, says: “Energy is a significant cost to us in providing services to our customers. Our focus is to procure energy in a way that delivers savings and as much certainty as possible.”

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