New ‘Clean-Green’ Advertising Services By GreenAdsIreland

Dublin-based company, GreenAdsIreland is providing an ecologically friendly advertising and marketing service. Indeed, GreenAdsIreland claims to be Ireland’s first ‘green clean advertising’ provider.

GreenAdsIreland offers high impact advertising solutions to Irish businesses and local authorities. The company’s services are nationwide and are especially effective in areas of high pedestrian traffic.


Clean green advertising is a highly targeted natural media which works by literally cleaning a client’s advert into almost any high footfall urban location. Using custom made equipment GreenAdsIreland creates clear messages by selectively removing dirt, to create a stark contrast between the dirty surface and original as-new colour of the pavement.

GreenAdsIreland was conceived in 2010 to provide a range of effective, sustainable and natural options that could work alongside or instead of traditional advertising. The idea is to help clients get noticed by their target market while minimising the impact on the environment.

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