First Multi-technology, Multi-user Wind Portfolio Management Software Platform

3E, the global sustainable energy consultancy and software products company, is launching the first multi-technology, multi-vendor, multi-user portfolio management software platform for wind and solar energy. The platform, called 3E SynaptiQ, enables asset managers and developers to increase the performance of their renewable energy portfolios with centralised monitoring, lean O&M management tools, and powerful reporting tools.

Yield increases of between 2% and 5% are possible, thanks to 3E SynaptiQ’s continuous and independent benchmarking and data analysis tools. “We have been refining our models and data analysis methodologies for the past ten years and have now condensed our know-how into 3E SynaptiQ. The platform will provide the independent insight needed today for better operation of wind farms and solar parks,” says Geert Palmers, chief executive of 3E.

Since the launch of SynaptiQ Solar in 2010, several hundred large commercial PV plants are now connected throughout Europe.

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