ESBI's Tanzania Project Profiled in Engineers Journal

In the latest edition of The Engineers Journal, ESBI staff providing engineering consulting services to the Millennium Challenge Account Tanzania (MCA-T) energy project report on their progress. ESB International has been working on the MCA-T energy project since 2008.

Under the terms of the contract, ESBI is providing client engineer and construction supervision and capacity development services in relation to the following key energy project areas:

* Construction of a new 132kV submarine cable from mainland Tanzania to the island of Zanzibar.

* Zanzibar interconnector 132kV overhead line supply and Installation.

* Submarine works – rehabilitation and new-build in six regions of Tanzania, inclusive of the new interconnector substations.

* Extension of rural distribution networks in seven regions in Tanzania.

* Feasibility and technical documentation preparation for bid purposes of a 12 MW hydro power plant on the Malagarasi River.

* A capacity building for the two local utilities TANESCO and ZECO.

ESBI has established a resident team in Tanzania to deliver the four year project with the support of engineering experts based in Dublin. The Engineers Journal profile provides an update on the progress made to date on each of these areas.

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