Proactive Solutions Needed to Improve Water Infrastructure

Underground Pipeline Solutions, a County Mayo-based firm specialising in leak diagnostics, is providing pipleline assessments that will help councils and group water schemes create a better infrastructure in their local areas. Over the past number of years, investment has been directed towards water sanitation and sewage treatment projects, to ensure that drinking water complies with European standards.

Recent reports have shown that if local authorities invest in upgrading their water mains, the severe water shortages and leaks experienced during the recent icy spell can be avoided to a great extent. On top of that, it would yield good long-term financial return, as there would be less need for reactive spending to detect leaks and carry out ad-hoc repairs. “The focus is now firmly shifting towards investment in water infrastructure and in particular mains rehabilitation,” says Helena Deane of UPLS. “To avail of new funding, each local authority needs to submit a mains replacement and rehabilitation strategy.”

UPLS, which has offices in Mayo and Dublin, provides nationwide water infrastructure diagnostic solutions by utilising the latest leak detection and non-destructive pipe condition assessment technologies. UPLS offers structural pipe condition assessments, which use ultrasonic equipment, internal camera surveys and under-pressure analysis to determine the condition and useful remaining life of water mains and to establish the need for rehabilitation or replacement.

These non-intrusive and non-destructive assessments can be carried out while the pipe is under pressure, without discoloration, contamination or interruption to water supply. UPLS also offers leak detection services, using the latest PC based digital correlators and data loggers.

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