Obelisk Group Acquires MetmAsts

Obelisk Group, through its subsidiary Wind Management International, has acquired metmAsts to bring together two of Ireland’s leading suppliers of solutions to wind energy developers.

With international offices throughout the UK and South Africa, Wind Measurement International is a leading industry expert and uses high quality equipment as well as cutting-edge techniques to provide the most accurate data, analysis and predictions for the wind resources on a potential site. MetmAsts is a leading supplier of meteorological masts, towers and equipment.

Padraig Brady, managing director of the Obelisk Group, says the company now has an unmatched offering for wind developers, enabling accurate decision-making for all potential wind sites. “Wind Measurement International offers high-value solutions to wind energy developers around the world. The combination of expertise from metmAsts and Wind Measurement International’s already highly skilled team will benefit both current and potential customers,” he remarks.

Following the acquisition an additional twelve staff are to be employed. Michael Martyn will lead Wind Measurement International Ireland, having been the managing director of metmAsts previously.


Pictured (left to right): Padraig Brady, managing director of Obelisk Group; Michael Walsh, chairman of Irish Wind Energy Association; Michael Martyn, head of Wind Measurement International Ireland.

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