Ireland Urged to Comply With EU Legislation on Industrial Pollution

The European Commission is urging Ireland to comply with a law designed to prevent industrial pollution as a number of its agricultural installations still do not meet the requirements of the EU Directive on Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC), which aims to prevent and control industrial emissions to air, water, and soil.

The Commission is sending Ireland a reasoned opinion. It has two months to respond.

Under European law, industrial and agricultural activities with a high pollution potential must be licensed. The Directive required Member States by 30th October 2007 to issue new permits or reconsider and – where necessary – update existing permits for all industrial installations that were in operation before 30th October 1999.

According to the latest information received from Ireland, at least 26 pig and poultry rearing installations still lack appropriate permits for their operation.

Although the Irish authorities have assured the Commission that that all large pig and poultry rearing installations will operate on the basis of appropriate permits, the Commission is not satisfied with the pace of the permitting process. It is therefore sending a reasoned opinion.

Ireland has two months to comply with the request. Failing this, the Commission may refer the case to the European Court of Justice. The Commission has taken 7 Member States to Court for infringements of the IPPC Directive.

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