First Harvest of Achill Island Sustainably Produced Turbot

Achill Island Turbot, which specialises in sustainably produced turbot on Ireland’s west coast, has reaped its first harvest. The company was established in 2008 by Michael Flanagan and Raymond Mairs with the objective of creating a world class recirculation aquaculture facility on Achill Island.

Sustainability is at the heart of the operation with the company’s advanced recirculation aquaculture system designed to leave no negative impact on the local environment. The feed for the fish comes from sustainable sources which do not impact on wild fish stocks.

The production of fish in a sustainable recirculation aquaculture system contributes to relieving pressure on wild fish stocks, thus assisting with the long term viability of the world’s oceans.

The turbot are raised in an environmentally friendly land-based system using the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The fish farm supplies eco-friendly and fully traceable turbot to restaurants and culinary establishments.

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