European Commission Wants to Ban Phosphates in Laundry Detergents

The European Commission is proposing to ban the use of phosphates and phosphorous compounds in laundry detergents. Phosphates from detergents are one of the main sources of ‘red tides’ and ‘green tides’ of algae bloom and seriously affect water quality, both in rivers and at sea. Getting rid of phosphates is difficult – they have to be removed in waste-water treatment plants at huge expense.

An EU Regulation would mark the end of voluntary or ineffective measures by some countries, with neighbouring countries having to suffer the consequences.

“Our proposal to ban phosphates in laundry detergents will give European citizens better water quality in their lakes, rivers and marine waters while keeping European companies at the forefront of this sector. The Commission will keep under review industry’s progress in the development of viable alternatives for automatic dishwasher detergents through innovation,” says European Commission vice-president Antonio Tajani, Commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship.

The draft Regulation does not affect detergents for automatic dishwashers or those used by professionals as technically and economically feasible alternatives are not yet available throughout the EU. However, Member States can regulate the phosphate content of these detergents in specific circumstances.

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