Marks & Spencer Launches Solar Energy Products in Britain

Marks & Spencer is launching a range of Solar PV and Solar Thermal water heating solutions in Britain to help customers cut their carbon emissions and reduce their energy bills. M&S is one of the first retailers to offer solar energy packages that enable customers to take advantage of Feed-in-Tariffs.

The tariffs allow Solar PV customers to earn money and a tax free return for every unit of electricity they generate over the next 25 years. M&S is offering two solar packages, Solar Thermal and Solar PV, which will both include the installation of roof mounted solar panels that will contribute to customers’ home energy needs.

The Solar Thermal works by collecting daylight energy to heat a customer’s water supply, for use throughout the day and night. Customers can choose from three different sized panel systems (from 2.05 sq m to 6.15 sq m), allowing users to save up to £85 a year on hot water heating bills, meeting up to 50% of an average household’s hot water requirement. Packages are available from £3,999.

The Solar PV works by collecting daylight energy and converting it into electricity for use within the home. With different sized panel systems on offer (from 10 sq m to 30 sq m), users will be able select the most appropriate solution to help reduce their energy bills by generating free renewable energy for their homes – with combined saving and earnings customers could be over £1000 a year better off. Packages are available from £7,999.

All M&S solar packages include a free assessment to determine the best solution for each home, and a full panel and system installation by an M&S approved installer accredited by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme.

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