EPA’s Environment in Focus Website Launched

The EPA has launched its new Environment in Focus site. The environmental indicators’ website allows easier public access to environmental data that has been gathered by the EPA and external bodies. Information is presented as a dashboard of key environmental indicators arranged under seven themes – climate change, air, water, waste, land, nature and socio-economics.

Dr Mary Kelly.

“Environment in Focus has been designed to provide concise, up-to-date information about the Irish environment for the general public and policy makers. Presented in an accessible format this website is a clear advance on paper-based indicator reporting,” says Dr Mary Kelly, director general of EPA: “It allows the EPA to fulfil certain EU reporting obligations in close to real-time while providing environmental assessments to stakeholders in a format that is useable for them.”

The website is the culmination of extensive collaboration between EPA staff and external organisations in compiling key datasets on the Irish environment.

Dr Kelly continues: “The indicators demonstrate that Ireland faces particular challenges in meeting international obligations in relation to climate change, water quality, biodiversity protection and waste management. These indicators should provide valuable information for policy makers both in developing new policies and in evaluating existing ones. We also hope that they will allow for a more informed wider debate on the steps required to protect Ireland’s environment.”

Access Environment in Focus on the EPA website by going to www.epa.ie/environment/environmentinfocus/.

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