Remedial Works to Killarney House to Commence in Autumn

The Department for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government has confirmed details of planned remedial works to the historic Killarney House, which is located in the town part of Killarney National Park. The house has been largely unused since the former owner, Mrs McShain died in 1998. The National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) of the Department which has already taken initial steps to secure the building including damp proofing, drainage works and the installation of a security system, is now moving to carry out more substantial remedial works.

With assistance from the OPW and its specialist conservation architects, and subject to securing early agreement from the planning authority, it is expected that a comprehensive scheme of remedial works aimed at securing the fabric of the building will be commenced later this autumn. These works will focus on repairs to the roof, windows, plasterwork and further drainage and will enhance the external presentation of the building. The NPWS has put in place the necessary funding to cover the cost of the works.

The remedial works are a necessary step towards the overall refurbishment and re-use of the building and subject to securing the necessary additional funding, the NPWS is currently examining options in this regard. At the same time,  the NPWS is hoping to make progress on a scheme to present the 19th century pleasure gardens immediately to the west of Killarney House, which would considerably enhance the national park’s appeal right on the doorstep of the town.

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