New Biogas Analyser Offers More for Less

A new static gas analyser for anaerobic digestion (AD) biogas, and landfill gas monitoring has been designed to suits tight-budgets. The new GA3000 uses Geotech’s robust, field-proven technology to bring low-cost to automated fixed-position monitoring of methane-rich biogas. Easily operator installed, user field-calibrated and zeroed, the compact, self-contained, single-cabinet GA3000 has gas conditioning as standard. It continuously analyses CH4, CO2, O2 and optionally, H2S at 0-5000ppm. They are measured, at user-set timings, and supply data via three or four, 4-20mA local outputs. Users also set alarm levels and can see screen-displayed readings on a large, clear, backlit display.

Low cost, single-point fixed biogas monitoring, the Geotech GA3000 gives top-quality and economy.

The strong interest in the GA3000 is its application for AD, wastewater sludge treatment and landfill gas extraction. The GA3000 is available from September 2010.

AD is increasingly being used in waste processing and biogas production to recycle food and farm waste, avoid landfill and generate biogas and energy from waste. These AD installations, large and small, need continuous gas analysis to optimise AD, maximise output and ensure safety and compliance with environmental guidelines and legislation.

This new robust, reliable and cost-effective system provides continuous and accurate sampling of methane, carbon dioxide and oxygen from a single sample point. Hydrogen sulphide sampling is a GA3000 option. User field calibration of the analyser and exchange of the optional hydrogen sulphide (H2S) sensor reduce operational costs.

With no training required and engineered for low ownership cost, this ISO 17025 calibration accredited unit is designed for quick and easy self-installation in any country, worldwide. User relocation of the GA3000 is just as easy. With gas conditioning included as standard, to ensure top quality gas analysis, the user-replaceable H2S sensor and analyser ‘Hot Swap’ capability offers zero downtime.

The GA3000 adds to Geotech’s static gas analysis range. For more information visit

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