Greenfield Project Management Ltd: Officers announce their resignation

All but one of the senior officials of Greenfield Project Management Ltd have quit the company, which for the past five years has been attempting to develop a major bioethanol project in Belarus, so far without success.

In a statement placed on the former website of the company on 10 August 2010, the former officers stated: “All of the senior officers of Greenfield Project Management Ltd have resigned, with the exception of Mr Michael Rietveld, chief executive officer and a director of the company.

 The other director, former chairwoman Anne McClain, has resigned from the company, as have all of the following: 

John Scott, Chief Financial Officer

Per Sjöberg, Chief Technical Officer

Basil Miller, Director Corporate Communications

Andrei Aleinikov, Director Belarus Representative Office

Iryna Ananich, Director Chernobyl Bio-clean Programme (EEP)

Also no longer connected with or employed by it is Alexander Ahryzau, former technical director of the Greenfield RO, Belarus.

The reason why we have placed this announcement on this site, which is otherwise closed, is that two new websites set up by Greenfield claim that the above are still employed by or connected to Greenfield Project Management Ltd.  

We have been forced to make this announcement because our demand to have our names and biographies removed from the new Greenfield websites have been ignored.”

It is understood that Messrs Sjöberg, Miller and Aleinikov, together with Ms McClain and Ms Ananich, were the last to leave the company. CFO John Scott, along with marketing director Marc Janssens, had resigned some time previously.

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