Reducing Energy Bills With Chimney Balloons

Chimney balloons are a very effective product which will stop cold draughts coming down your chimney and prevent heat loss going up your chimney. It is estimated that up to 80% of heat is lost up your chimney every year. Chimney Balloons are an easy way of tackling this problem.

Chimney balloons are simply installed in the flue of your chimney and will also prevent soot, dirt and debris coming down your fireplace and into your living room. They will also eliminate the loud whistling or howling noise that emanates from your chimney on windy nights.

Made of 3 ply-poly membrane chimney balloons are tough and durable and nearly impossible to burst. They are also reusable so anytime you require an open fire you can simply deflate your chimney balloon and reinstall in your chimney flue when your are finished using the fireplace.

Chimney balloons come in various sizes to fit almost any chimney flue. In Ireland most modern houses built in the 1970’s or later have a round shaped flue. The balloons come in a regular size which will work in any round chimney flue that is between 7 inches and 9 inches in diameter.

Chimney flues in older houses tend to have square or rectangular shaped flues. To measure your flue simply use a torch and a measuring tape. About one foot up your fireplace the chimney will narrow. Measure back to front and side to side.

To install your balloon you will need to use an inflation tube. A 2 foot inflation tube comes as part of the pack from Chimney balloons come with a 12 month guarantee but should last for many years.

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