Dublin City’s Plan to Become Energy-Smart

Dublin is leading the way in cutting its carbon emissions and is on track to becoming one of Europe’s first energy-smart cities. Projects include the world’s first carbon neutral convention centre, a wholly sustainable urban park and an innovative clustering scheme for homeowners to join together to retrofit their houses.

Dublin city signed up to the Covenant of Mayors last year, which is a commitment by signatory towns and cities to go beyond the EU targets for a reduction in carbon emissions. However, Dublin city is already ploughing ahead by working with its energy agency Codema to achieve a reduction of 33% by 2020.

Local authorities in Dublin are also increasing their use of renewable energy. For example, Dublin City Council is producing renewable electricity locally at Fr Collins Park, which opened as Ireland’s first wholly sustainable urban park last year. Five 50 kilowatt wind turbines provide electricity for the park’s sport facilities, public lighting and water aeration, bringing the portion of renewable energy for the Council’s own use to 19%.

Codema has recently worked with Dublin City Council in developing a Sustainable Energy Action Plan which shows how over the next twenty years, the introduction of carbon neutral and low-energy buildings, improvements in information technology and the development of a low-carbon transport system could lead to the city reducing its carbon emissions by 50%.

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