ENSO Becomes a B Corp

ENSO, the all-in-one sustainability solution for businesses is officially a Certified B Corp.

ENSO simplifies sustainability for businesses, helping them create impactful strategies, take meaningful action and communicate their activities to customers, their supply chain, employees and other key stakeholders. ENSO is an impact-focused business, and their core mission and values align with those of the B Corp movement.

The B Corp movement aims to centre stakeholders in decision making and to create a more equitable, regenerative economy. B Lab, the nonprofit that stewards the B Corp standards, aims to transform the global economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet.

The B Corp community is made up of business leaders and sustainability champions working to achieve this common goal.

By becoming B Corp Certified, ENSO is publicly declaring its commitment to positive social and environmental impact and to centering their stakeholders in everything they do. By making this commitment ENSO promises to hold themselves to a high standard of integrity and meaningful interactions while communicating transparently.

“At ENSO, we are driven by a passion for sustainability and a mission to provide an accessible, affordable, and valuable solution that enables businesses to achieve their strategic goals. Having personally witnessed the knowledge gap between business practice and sustainability best practice, I founded ENSO with the goal of bridging that gap and empowering businesses to make a positive impact on the planet,” says Founder Donal Quinn.

In an ever-evolving business landscape, establishing a sustainability strategy is no longer merely advantageous; it has become indispensable for your brand’s competitiveness and relevance. The ENSO team aims to help businesses leverage this advantage all while doing business in a way that has an overall positive impact. This is achieved through the ENSO online platform which allows businesses to create and organise their sustainability strategy, plan and monitor their actions, track data, and communicate their journey.

Driven by their customer needs and feedback, changing EU regulations, ESG-focused corporate procurement policies and supply chain transparency, ENSO has continually evolved since its launch in 2022 – and becoming a B Corp is another key milestone in this evolution.

“Overall, the certification process taught us a lot about our own business and stakeholder governance as a whole. These learnings will continue to guide us in our work and our collaborations with the greater community. We are also very excited to join a community of passionate, purpose-driven organisations through B Corp. There is a growing number of B Corps in Ireland and across the world that share our values and goals and we are so excited to collaborate with and learn from them.” says Erin Maher, Sustainability Strategist & Researcher at ENSO.

The entire ENSO team is thrilled to officially announce that they are a Certified B Corp!

“Thank you to everyone who supported our journey and to the B Lab team for getting us through the process in a clear, understandable, and helpful manner.” The ENSO Team

For more information, head to www.ensoimpact.com.