Build Digital Launch Annual Survey Investigating the level of Digital Transformation in the Irish Construction sector

Build Digital are pleased to launch our Annual Survey investigating the level of digital transformation in the Irish Construction and Built Environment sector.

The results of the survey will provide Build Digital with an insight into the extent of digital adoption within the sector in 2023 and capture opinions of how we best work towards driving future digital adoption and development of enabling tools to achieve this.

Build Digital is focused on uniting all construction and built environment stakeholders in the drive towards interoperable digital data adoption across the sector to innovatively improve efficiency, productivity, and international competitiveness on a sustainable basis in Ireland.

Published survey results will form part of a suite of supports made available by Build Digital to assist organisations in developing and maintaining their digital capabilities while transforming the sector and enabling all stakeholders to improve their digital capabilities.

Your opinion is important and can help guide the work of Build Digital and the future of the digital transformation of the Irish construction and Built Environment sector. Please invest the time to complete this important survey:

To learn more about the resources that Build Digital makes available to the Irish construction and built environment industry, please visit: