Lidl Ireland Introduces Plant-Based Milk Carton to Own-Brand Range Saving 160 Tonnes of CO2 Equivalents Annually

Lidl Ireland, together with Connacht-based supplier Aurivo Co-operative, has announced the introduction of plant-based milk cartons to their Coolree Creamery own-brand range. The new cartons will save 160 tonnes of CO2 equivalents annually and have a 31% lower carbon footprint compared with the same standard packaging. The announcement sees Lidl continue to deliver on its CSR strategy, A Better Tomorrow, by providing customers with FSC certified2 recyclable cartons made from responsibly sourced sugarcane for their own-brand range.

The introduction of plant-based milk cartons is one of many steps that Lidl is taking as part of its ambitious packaging reduction strategy. Lidl has committed to making their packaging 100% recyclable, reusable or renewable by the end of 2025. As part of this commitment, the retailer successfully removed all unrecyclable black plastic trays from their fresh meat, poultry and cured meats, converting almost 500 tonnes of plastic into fully recyclable packaging. These products are now in clear or silver recyclable trays, while Lidl’s Deluxe beef range is packaged in infra-red detectable black trays3.

The packaging launch also unveils the retailer’s brand new official ‘sustainable packaging’ label which will help shoppers to make informed choices by highlighting that packaging has been optimised in order to reduce its environmental impact. In the coming months, Lidl customers will see this label on all own-brand products that have either reduced their plastic content, increased the recycled packaging materials content or when the packaging materials have been replaced by a more sustainable packaging option, such as Lidl’s new plant-based milk cartons.


The fully renewable cartons will be used for the following Lidl own-brand products across all 163 stores nationwide:


  • Coolree Creamery Light Milk
  • Coolree Creamery Fresh Skimmed Milk with Vitamins
  • Coolree Creamery Whole Milk
  • Coolree Creamery Buttermilk
  • Coolree Creamery Protein Milk
  • Coolree Creamery Organic Whole Milk
  • Coolree Creamery Lactose Free Light Milk
  • Coolree Creamery Xtra Milk


John McDonagh, Head of Food, Lidl Ireland welcomed the new packaging: “We’re delighted to work with Aurivo to introduce plant-based milk cartons to our Coolree Creamery range. At Lidl, sustainability is core to our business, and we’re constantly looking at new ways we can innovate our packaging with this in mind. Helping our customers make sustainable choices is something we’re passionate about and we’re proud to be able to expand our CSR strategy through this initiative.”

Samantha Carty, Communications and Brand Manager, Aurivo commented: “Aurivo is delighted to be able to provide Lidl’s customers with fully renewable plant-based Tetra Pak milk cartons as part of our sustainability strategy. Our long-standing relationship with Lidl means we understand their business and the needs of their customers which is why we’re proud to enable them to introduce plant-based milk cartons to their own-brand range.”

The retailer’s packaging reduction targets also include reducing plastic packaging by 20% by 2022 and increasing the recycled content in their packaging by 50% by 2025. Other recent CSR initiatives include the introduction of 100% compostable form fill potato bags with local Irish supplier Meade Potato Company, as well as the roll out of ‘Waste Not’, which sees up to 90% price reductions on a range of fresh chilled food products on reaching their best before date but are still perfectly fine to eat.

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