Renewable Transport – an Opportunity for Northern Ireland

There is a tremendous opportunity to decarbonise Northern Ireland’s transport sector through the use of renewable transport fuels, that’s according to Ian Gordon of Action Renewables Energy Association (AREA).

An event held (yesterday) at Lagan Valley Island, Lisburn, brought together policy makers and key figures from public and private sectors, to address the opportunities and challenges that Northern Ireland faces on its journey towards renewable transport.

Ian Gordon, manager of Action Renewables Energy Association said, “Northern Ireland has tremendous potential to make a difference by utilising renewable transport – allowing for improved air quality, a better quality of life and reduced carbon emissions, to name just a few.”

“Although there are many challenges ahead in relation to working together and ensuring the likes of infrastructure, regulations and policy is adapted and fit for purpose, there are a number of opportunities presently; the potential for biomethane injection into the gas grid, an all-island network of hydrogen filling stations, and setting a trajectory for the renewable transport fuel obligation, beyond 2020 in Northern Ireland – all outlined in our ‘Proposal for a Renewable Future’ booklet.”

“We all need to play an active part in changing the mindset of individuals, businesses and those in the public sector, so that Northern Ireland has a renewable future. It is vital that we collectively look to move to a low-carbon future – and now.”


Those at the conference also heard from several leading experts in their respective fields of transport planning, carbon-free trucking, electric vehicle (EV) charging forecourts and the use of hydrogen for transport. The common theme – there are many opportunities in the renewable transport sector; we just need to work together to make it


One of the speakers, Ian Williamson, CEO and founder of HyEnergy discussed the use of hydrogen; “I believe that hydrogen will play a key role in creating a clean sustainable future. We only have to look at new technologies being created locally – a zero-emission drive system which encompasses a hydrogen fuel cell and battery pack to power both single and double deck buses. This is an example of excellent fuel consumption and environmental credentials. Something that we can aspire to, embrace, and will help to create a better and cleaner planet.”


Sebastian Street of Gridserve, a company that is setting up EV forecourts across the UK, simplifying the charging of electric vehicles, said, “It is clear that there is an appetite for change, and renewable transport and electric vehicles are something that people are much more aware of. We are developing a pipeline of electric forecourts, which are designed for the modern age and will make owning and operating an electric vehicle an enjoyable, ultra–convenient and stress–free experience.”


Action Renewables Energy Association is the sole body representing the renewable energy sector in Northern Ireland and the catalyst for transition to a renewable future.

Ian Gordon concluded by calling upon those present to spread the message of how “renewable transport can make a difference. There are many practical solutions and savings to be had in this sector; we now need to work together to move forward. Membership of the Association is open to those wishing to be proactive, seeking more knowledge and hoping to affect change in the renewable sector.

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