Health, Occupational Hygiene & Safety Conference

The conference will allow a panel of distinguished speakers to consider how we should work together to assess risks under a range of different scenarios.  They will provide practical and current advice and consider some of the pitfalls of risk assessment.

Do you have risk assessment (RA) responsibilities or duties?  Are your company’s procedures up to date and compliant with best practice?  Have your assessments become box ticking exercises? 

Maybe your RA procedures are in need of review and/or you would benefit from attending our one-day conference.

The speakers include a combination of leading industrial and academic specialists as well as practicing consultants and experts from the Health and Safety Authority and the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS).

This conference will challenge and broaden your understanding and approach to risk assessment.   It will also provide practical and helpful guidance on:

  • Simple but effective approaches to chemical risk assessment.
  • How to develop a proactive approach to risk management.
  • The importance of skin exposure and how to control it.
  • How to assess noise and vibration exposure and practical ways of managing their risk.
  • Professional development, training options and practical tips for effective worker training.
  • What assessment approaches are successful and what improvements are required.

A trade exhibition will also be held in conjunction with the conference presenting networking opportunities for delegates and allowing suppliers to showcase key products and services.

Details on the conference schedule are set out below.  The conference fee is €300 (excluding VAT) and this covers lunch, documentation and refreshments. Further conference and booking details are available on our website:  Should you require any additional information, please contact me by email at ( or by phone (021 4374333).

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