Aura Light receives Frost & Sullivan Award

Aura Light receives Frost & Sullivan Award Aura Light18 Image 1

The Swedish lighting company Aura Light has been awarded the 2016 Global Lighting Growth Excellence Leadership Award based on the recent analysis of the lighting market made by the global growth consulting company Frost & Sullivan.

The Frost & Sullivan Growth Excellence Leadership is about gaining new customers and building customer loyalty. Companies that creatively and profitably deliver value to customers, set up their businesses for both long-term and rapid growth. According to Frost & Sullivan, companies that excel in driving growth strive to be best-in-class in three key areas: meeting customer demand, fostering brand loyalty, and carving out a unique, sustainable market niche.


Frost & Sullivan has awarded Aura Light with the following motivation:

Aura Light’s understanding of its internal resources and external market factors, its planned acquisition of Zobra to expand its product offering and address the needs of the lighting industry in different regions, and its strategic partnership and expansion in the United States have all resulted in its growth diversification and sustainability. The company’s customer-focused approach, which starts from the product design for a variety of price-sensitive customers, and its skilled sales force that educates clients have supported the impressive brand equity and growth excellence of Aura Light.

With its strong overall performance, Aura Light has earned the 2016 Frost & Sullivan Growth Excellence Leadership Award.


Further stated by Frost & Sullivan Senior Industry Analyst, Gautham Gnanajothi:

“Aura Light has extensive experience in the lighting industry, where it constantly strives to be a step ahead of its competitors. This is primarily driven by its high focus on tracking and analyzing market needs and market gaps. Its excessive customer focus, combined with its excellent product quality attributes, makes it a distinguished participant in this market.”


“We are very grateful that our efforts are recognized by the experts at Frost & Sullivan,” says Martin Malmros, CEO and Group Director of Aura Light International AB. “We use our lighting expertise in an innovative and sustainable way when we meet our customers. This has helped us through the disruptive change that the lighting industry is undergoing and has led to a successful growth.”

The prize ceremony took place 29th June in London.