Irish company is world-first to introduce eye tracking process analysis to logistics sector

Heavey RF is again leading the charge in innovation by becoming the worlds’ first company to introduce an eye tracking technology for process analysis and enhancement in the logistics sector.

The adaptation of eye tracking technology, which is typically used in cognitive science and in web usability studies for the IT sector, is an exciting and new way of determining the best way to meet and exceed the ever changing customer and consumer demands on logistics and deliveries. Heavey RF provides advanced technology solutions to the warehouse and logistics sector and has offices in offices in Dublin, Cork, London, Poland and the USA.

Heavey RF Eye Tracking (2)(1)The Irish owned company has introduced and adapted the eye tracking technology to its industry to provide an even greater level of analysis and in turn, service and results for its clients.  The technology has the potential to transform logistics operations by identifying and analysing ‘operational reality’ through a head mounted monitor and video oculography that evaluates eye movement, capturing first person perspective to give a true measurement of cognitive engagement.

For example, Heavey RF’s eye tracking system can be worn by a picker in a warehouse as they carry out their work to capture, in real time, workloads, processes, and responses to situations as well as fixation and distraction points.

The highly detailed studies are analysed by Heavey RF researchers so that they can best identify and advise business owners on the areas where productivity, accuracy and safety can be improved to reduce operational costs and increase profits.

One client who has already worked with Heavey RF with the eye tracking technology is Johnston Logistics. Carl Johnston, head of IT says: “We were a little sceptical at first about what to expect from this technology, but very quickly we realised many areas of our processes that could be refined further due to the wealth of data presented from the eye tracking analysis. This included physical processes as well as potential improvements in health and safety.”

According to Ronan Clinton, CEO of the Heavey RF Group, harnessing the potential of eye tracking technology is an exciting development for the logistics sector which relies so heavily on people and streamlined processes.

“With Johnston Logistics, we looked at how we could adapt this extremely exciting technology to the warehouse, and did so with exceptional results. The ‘operational reality’ of events in the warehouse are laid bare and allow us to focus on how best to improve procedures and processes. Immediate health and safety concerns can be identified and addressed and identification of where to focus improvement efforts become obvious.”

So unique has been this approach that it has generated significant interest in global user experience and useability circles. As a result Heavey RF have been invited to present the technology and its use at the World Useability Congress convention in Graz, Austria in October of this year.

Ronan Clinton concluded: “We are keen to see where this takes our voice directed and mobile computing solutions.”

For more information in relation to the eye tracking for the logistics sector contact Heavey RF on 01 2459200.