Siemens hands over one of Australia’s most efficient Industrial Power Stations

Siemens has recently completed the commissioning of one of Australia’s most efficient industrial power stations. The Diamantina consisting of two combined cycle power blocks – performing at well in excess of 50 percent efficiency. Owner and operator of the plant is Diamantina Power Station Pty Limited, a joint venture between APA Group and AGL Energy Limited.

The Diamantina combined cycle power station in Mount Isa in the state of Queensland has been built adjacent to the existing Mica Creek power station. The installed total capacity of 242 megawatts (MW) is sufficient to supply ecofriendly electricity to local mines operated by Glencore and to people living in the region.

Siemens has been responsible for the overall plant design, and also provided technical advisory services during the construction and commissioning phases of the project. The Diamantina Power Station is set out in a configuration of two 121 MW power blocks. The Siemens scope of supply encompassed two power islands each comprising two SGT-800 gas turbines, two heat-recovery steam generators(HRSG) with diverter dampers – both supplied by NEM Energy b.v. – as well as one SST-400 steam turbine connected to the local grid via 132kV electrical switchyard. Siemens will provide maintenance for the SGT-800 Gas Turbines, SST-400 steam turbines, generators and the related control and auxiliary systems under a Long Term Services Agreement.

“Diamantina power station is a great example of our ecofriendly power generation solutions for island off grid operation matching the variable power demand of the adjacent copper mine,” said Erling Bruun, head of Industrial Power Plant Solutions in Siemens Power and Gas Division.

David Jones, General Manager Development of the APA Group, comments: “We are very satisfied with the plant and with the Siemens performance. This plant meets the challenging demands of island operation and load flexibility, in combination with bringing a high efficiency and state-of-the-art low emission technology and solutions.”