Schneider Electric welcomes new ESOS regulation

Global energy management specialist, Schneider Electric has given a warm welcome to the arrival of the new Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) stating that going green is no longer an option but imperative for business success.

Following the recent implementation of the Energy Efficiency Directive in the UK, the ESOS is an according legislation which requires member states to introduce a mandatory programme of energy audits for ‘large enterprises’. This means over 7,000 of Britain’s biggest companies will be required to undertake an energy audit by 5th December 2015, to be repeated every four years.

As well as driving the EU’s carbon reduction targets, the ESOS has been designed to offer a significant opportunity for large businesses to create substantial savings and, in turn, future-proof their business. In fact, the UK Government predicts that ESOS could help deliver savings of nearly £2bn, with the Carbon Trust estimated that £500m energy bill savings will be seen by 2016.

Adam Pigott, Head of Energy Consulting for Energy & Sustainability Services at Schneider Electric comments: “This legislation has been inevitable, not just in terms of EU environmental targets but the well-being of the UK’s economy. For businesses, while the main premise of going green may be to ensure legislative compliance and energy saving, the reality is that it is vital to business success. With rising ethical consumerism and increased credence on corporate social responsibility (CSR), the business of today which will grow and evolve in the future will be the ones who do things the right way.”

One issue, however, remains in the in-house energy expertise for large business, with many lacking the appropriate processes and resources to effectively monitor their energy consumption and, in turn, implement successful efficiency initiatives.

With this in mind, Schneider Electric has pre-empted the ESOS requirement by devising a series of services offers to make easier work of the audit process for business. At the basic level, Schneider Electric’s specialist team are able to carry out a full audit for larger organisations and, as required, are able to deliver and implement energy management recommendations.

Alternatively, for those seeking to achieve the coveted ISO50001 efficiency standard, the team offer a holistic energy efficiency programme, providing individuals with the processes and procedures to regular monitor their energy consumption, determine issues and instigate positive changes. As such, this alleviates the need for mandatory auditing.

Adam adds: “As a business committed to driving sustainability in the UK’s commercial world, we already have a plethora of innovations designed to make easier work of the energy efficiency task. Thus for those large organisations seeking professional guidance on the ESOS, we would recommend calling on a professional service provider such as ourselves who effectively do the work for you; thus ensuring legislative compliance, creating huge financial savings and safeguarding your business.”