A Year in Review- Highlights from 2013

Speaking at the release of the EPA’s review of 2013, Laura Burke, EPA Director General said,

“2013 was a year of significant achievement for the Environmental Protection Agency in challenging circumstances as the Agency continues to extend its work in protecting the environment in our role as environmental regulator, knowledge provider and advocate for the environment.”

Some key achievements included:

  • Tackling pollution risk from septic tanks through the implementation of a new National Inspection Plan for septic tanks and other on-site waste water systems;
  • A new EPA web-site with features making it easier for people to access environmental information and interact with the EPA;
  • Using technology to make it easier, faster and more efficient for our licensees to interact and report to us;
  • Using the full range of enforcement tools available to us to enforce our licences and permits;
  • Working with others to advocate for the integration of environmental issues in policy and decision making at national and local levels;
  • Making very good progress on the merger between the EPA and Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland.”

Download A Year in Review – Highlights from 2013 [pdf,578kB]

Source: envirocentre.ie