Energy company Vayu signs €1.2m deal with Ecocem

Irish energy company Vayu has signed an electricity-supply deal worth €1.2m in the first year with environmentally friendly cement producer Ecocem.

Under the agreement, Vayu will supply Ecocem with 100% green electricity to meet all its year-round electricity requirements.

The ability to source 100% green energy for its operations was a key consideration for Ecocem, which uses entirely recycled materials to produce its green cement products for the Irish market, according to head of new markets and products at the company Conor O’Riain.

Operating from a purpose-built plant in Dublin Port, Ecocem converts more than a million tonnes of industrial by-product each year into an economic and environmentally sustainable building material.

Vayu is the only energy company in Ireland to supply all its customers with electricity 100pc attributed to renewable sources.

Barry Murphy, energy specialist at Vayu, said: “As our partnership with Ecocem shows, Irish businesses are moving away from traditional approaches to meeting their energy needs as they seek greater value from their energy expenditure.

“As the focus on environmental sustainability increases, access to renewable energy sources has become a very important issue for Irish companies seeking to reduce their carbon footprint. This is having a direct impact on energy production in Ireland and the way businesses procure electricity in particular.

“We see this as a growing part of our business over the coming years as businesses seek to move away from basic products offered by utilities traditionally and seek out suppliers willing to take the time to understand their particular requirements.”