Certification Europe retains its expert role in assessing compliance to national solvent regulations

Certification Europe has been appointed to the national panel of Approved Assessors for Solvents and Decorative Paints by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

This represents a reinforcement of the company’s status as the expert assessment agency in Ireland in this industry, having previously held the position of Interim Approved Assessor since the 1st of January 2013 following the introduction of the new Solvent Regulation S.I. 564 2012.

This in itself is a further continuation of Certification Europe’s six year status of being an Accredited Inspection Contractor.

Over Certification Europe’s six and a half year involvement with the industry it has always sought to innovate and lead the way, the latest of these innovations is the “Compliance Manager Application”, an on-line application designed to help the EPA and Local Authorities track the compliance of solvent using businesses in their area.

Certification Europe looks forward to assessing and certifying businesses to help protect the environment in the coming weeks, months and years