PM Group links up with Canadian firm to explore global gas opportunities


AN Irish engineering firm has signed a deal with a Canadian counterpart to develop gas processing businesses across the globe.

Dublin’s PM Group said it has reached agreement with the Alberta-based Gas Liquids Engineering (GLE) to work together to open new markets for processing natural gas.

Details of the agreement were announced during an Enterprise Ireland trade mission to Canada which is being led by Trade Minister Joe Costello.

PM Group director Colm O’Mahony said the deal was “significant”.

“It will help GLE to smooth local fluctuations and enable both companies to continue to grow. We are currently active in bidding in several regions around the world,” he said.

Welcoming the announcement Mr Costello commented: “This agreement clearly demonstrates the opportunities that exist for collaboration between innovative Irish companies and successful international organisations.

“PM Group continues to provide an outstanding example of what can be achieved by ambitious Irish companies in global markets,” he added.

PM Group and GLE started working together last year when they signed an agreement to provide engineering services in the gas processing industry in Canada.

GLE president Doug MacKenzie said he was “excited” by the deal. “Over the past year we have developed an excellent working relationship with PM Group and now have a great offering for clients internationally. PM Group allows us to access a highly skilled workforce and a well placed international office network,” he claimed.

The Irish firm was set up in 1973 and now has operations across the globe, from China to the US.