New Technology to Measure Impact of Extra Traffic Pollution in London

University of Leicester researchers are set to use new technology they have developed to monitor the impact of increased traffic on pollution levels in London during the Olympics. The 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games are expected to draw 11 million visitors from around the world to the UK’s capital for seven weeks, and 3 million … Read more

Using DNA to Create Environmental Solution to Pollution

University of Leicester students are set to try their hand at genetic engineering – and hope to create a new organism which could rid us of decades of plastic rubbish. Second-year Biological Sciences undergraduates are taking part in the International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition this summer, and aim to construct a biological machine that … Read more

Cracking Idea For Egg Shell Recycling

Scientists and food industry experts in the UK are hatching a plan to turn egg shells into plastics that could be used to manufacture anything from food packaging to construction materials. They also hope to extract material from egg shells that may prove valuable in the pharmaceutical industry. The Food and Drink iNet is funding … Read more

Global Warming Has Potentially Serious Implications For Fish Populations

Parasitic worms that infect fish, and have a devastating effect on fish reproduction, grow four times faster at higher temperatures – providing some of the first evidence that global warming affects the interactions between parasites and their hosts. The study from the University of Leicester in the UK revealed that global warming had the potential … Read more

When Size Matters – Nanotechnology For Energy Efficiency

New research at the University of Leicester in England is using nanotechnology to create energy efficient materials. With the increasing worldwide demand for energy there is a pressure to use the finite energy resources wisely whilst reducing one of the major areas of energy consumption, transportation, which accounts for more than 20% of the world’s … Read more

Palm Oil Insulation Could Transform Transformers

Research by a University of Leicester student has identified an environmentally friendly alternative to a major industrial use of oil. Abdelghaffar Abdelmalik, who is studying for a PhD in the University’s Department of Engineering, has discovered a way to treat palm kernel oil so that it can be used to insulate electrical transformers. Transformers use … Read more

Researchers Widen Response to World’s Environmental Problems

University researchers in the UK are devising practical ways for people to change their lives in response to environmental change and natural catastrophes such as the floods in Pakistan and Australia, and rapid environmental change events such as volcanic eruptions, landslides and tsunamis. A new centre, Adapting to Changing Environments, at the University of Leicester … Read more

Preparing a New Breed of Hi-tech Environmental Researchers

The University of Leicester in the UK is launching a new €3.5 million research centre that will train a new breed of hi-tech environmental researchers for the future – skilled in using the latest satellite technologies to tackle pressing environmental issues. The new centre will also lead to development of new methods for research and … Read more