Ireland Hosts World Congress on Water, Climate and Energy – 13–18 May – Dublin Convention Centre

Ireland is preparing to host a major international Congress on Water, Climate and Energy over six days at the Dublin Convention Centre, from 13th -18th May. Several hundred delegates from over 60 countries will debate with world experts in various disciplines, the issues that impact on all facets of water, climate, energy and food – … Read more

Septic Tank Standards Will Protect Groundwater

The Government has published the draft performance standards for septic tanks and other domestic waste water treatment systems. Members of the public now have an opportunity to consider these draft standards for the next four weeks and following that the Government will finalise the regulations to give effect to the standards. The draft standards set … Read more

Registration and Inspection of Septic Tanks

The Government has set out its proposals for the registration and inspection of septic tanks including a reduced inspection fee for the first three months of the new regime. “To act as an incentive for owners to register early, I have decided to set the registration fee at €5 instead of the proposed €50 for the … Read more

Environment: Commission Asks Ireland to Comply with Court Ruling on Septic Tanks

The European Commission is urging Ireland to comply with a 2009 European Court of Justice ruling on septic tanks. The Commission is concerned that a year after the Court ruling, no legal measures have been adopted to ensure that septic tanks are subject to adequate checks and inspections to protect human health and the environment. … Read more