Wind Energy Will Save €24 Billion in Fuel Costs by 2015

Rising fossil fuel prices, devastating oil spills and the nuclear crisis in Fukushima have in 2011 substantially raised expectations of wind energy. Every month in 2009 and 2010, the global wind energy industry installed new wind energy capacity that can produce as much electricity as 1.2 average nuclear reactors. According to the wind industry, in … Read more

IWEA Welcomes ESRI Support for Wind Energy

The Irish Wind Energy Association (IWEA) has stated that the ESRI ‘Review of Irish Energy Policy’ is an important reminder that Ireland is far too dependent on importing its energy supply from other nations and needs to accelerate the move towards maximising our own resources. However, responding to the report, IWEA chief executive Dr Michael … Read more

Wind Delivers Record Energy Levels in Ireland

The growing importance of wind as a key energy resource for Ireland was reaffirmed recently as a record power output level of 1,323 megawatts – enough to power more than 850,000 homes – was recorded, the Irish Wind Energy Association (IWEA) has revealed. According to figures available from Eirgrid, the new record was achieved on … Read more

Red Tape and Uncertainty Costing Jobs in Wind Energy Sector

An over-complicated bureaucratic system is significantly hampering job creation and investment in the Irish renewable sector, according to the Irish Wind Energy Association. IWEA chief executive Dr Michael Walsh says that excess bureaucracy and unnecessary risk is driving investors away from what should be a thriving market. “The absence of a coordinated and cohesive system … Read more

Wind Energy to Save Irish Consumers up to €100m per year in Electricity Costs by 2020

Wind energy generation will deliver savings to Irish consumers of €100m by 2020, the most detailed analysis to date into the value of the sector has revealed. The report, commissioned by IWEA (Irish Wind Energy Association) in conjunction with Wind Skillnet, was compiled by international strategic and analytical consultancy Redpoint Energy. It found that an … Read more

New Irish Record For Renewables

According to data from EirGrid, Ireland’s wind farms hit a new record power output level of 1250 megawatts, enough to power over 800,000 homes around Ireland. “We have seen records in 2010 broken where there were times when we delivered over half of the electricity in Ireland from wind generators,” comments Michael Walsh, chief executive … Read more