Ireland on Track to Meet Greenhouse Gas Emissions Targets

Provisional greenhouse gas emissions figures released by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) include trends since 1990, and show Ireland’s status in meeting our obligations set under the Kyoto Protocol. Ireland’s greenhouse gas emissions fell by 0.69 million tonnes (1.1%) in 2010. Agriculture remains the single largest contributor to overall emissions, at 30.4% of the total, … Read more

National Climate Policy Review

The Government has released the promised review of National Climate Policy. On foot of the policy set out in the National Climate Change Strategy 2007-12, Ireland is on course to meet its binding commitment for the purposes of the Kyoto Protocol in the compliance period 2008-12. However, beyond 2012, Ireland has clear and challenging greenhouse … Read more

Ireland Can Meet Kyoto Greenhouse Gas Obligations

Ireland can comply with its Kyoto commitments (2008-2012) with regard to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions but is predicted to breach its annual obligations under the EU 2020 target, from 2016 onwards. This is according to the EPA’s recently published greenhouse gas emissions projections for the period 2010 to 2020. The figures show the projected trends … Read more

Wind Power Meeting Kyoto Commitments While Climate Negotiations Stall

While UN climate negotiations show no sign of significant progress, calculations from the European Wind Energy Association show that wind energy is achieving over a quarter of the emissions reductions required under the current Kyoto agreement. The recent UN climate negotiations in Bangkok “produced little more than the agenda for further negotiations,” according to the … Read more

Ireland’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Down Due to Recession

Ireland’s Greenhouse Gas emissions fell by 5.4 million tonnes (7.9%) in 2009, according to provisional Greenhouse Gas emissions figures just released by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Agriculture remains the single largest contributor to the overall emissions, at 29.1% of the total, followed by energy (primarily power generation) and transport both at 21.1% share. The … Read more

Carbon Windfall Levy Becomes Law

The Carbon Windfall Levy, introduced in the Electricity Regulation (Amendment) (Carbon Revenue Levy) Act 2010, has been signed into law. The levy will apply to electricity generators and recover a substantial portion of the unearned carbon windfall gains that they currently receive through the Single Electricity Market. Under the Kyoto Carbon Trading provisions, electricity generators … Read more

Non-industrial Emissions Key for Meeting Kyoto Targets

A recent report by the European Environment Agency shows that the European Union and all Member States but one are on track to meet their Kyoto Protocol commitments to limit and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Whereas the Protocol requires that the EU-15 reduce average emissions during 2008–2012 to 8 % below 1990 levels, the latest projections indicate … Read more