Septic Tank Standards Will Protect Groundwater

The Government has published the draft performance standards for septic tanks and other domestic waste water treatment systems. Members of the public now have an opportunity to consider these draft standards for the next four weeks and following that the Government will finalise the regulations to give effect to the standards. The draft standards set … Read more

Ireland Should Capitalise On Its Groundwater Resources

An environmental expert has urged local industry to reduce monthly utility bills by capitalising on groundwater resources. Speaking at the Environment Ireland Conference in Dublin this week, Teri Hayes, an environmental director at international consultancy WYG, said: “Even with investment in unaccounted for water over the coming year, local shortages in water supply are likely. … Read more

EPA Reports Dramatic Fall in the Number of Landfills

The EPA’s Office of Environmental Enforcement (OEE) has published its ‘Focus on Landfilling in Ireland’ report. The report examines the standards of operation and management at landfills in Ireland and charts the progress made since the EPA began licensing this sector 15 years ago. The report charts the fall in the number of municipal waste … Read more