€180 Million Loan to Renault Group For Electric Vehicles Development

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has granted a Eur180 million loan to the Renault Group to contribute to R&D for a new generation of batteries and motors for electric vehicles. The loan will be used in France to develop future generations of motors for electric vehicles, so helping to develop extensive expertise in products and … Read more

€235 Million Loan to Fund ‘Smart’ Investment in Ireland’s Electricity Networks

ESB and the European Investment Bank have signed a new loan facility which will provide Eur235 million funding for ESB’s ambitious investment programme to develop smarter and more sustainable electricity network infrastructure in Ireland. The loan, from the European Union’s long-term lending institution, will provide 50% funding for an investment programme of Eur470 million which … Read more

Scottish Wave Project Selected as One of UK Bids For European Funding

A collaborative project bringing together three of Europe’s leading utilities and wave energy technologies provided by Aquamarine Power and Pelamis has been selected by the UK Government for a major European funding bid. The Pentland Orkney Wave Energy Resource (POWER) project is the only wave energy bid being put forward by the UK Government to … Read more

EIB Delivers Record Lending for Climate Action in 2010

In 2010, the European Investment Bank (EIB) increased financing for climate action projects to Eur19 billion, representing an impressive 30% of its lending in the European Union. Significantly up from Eur16 billion the year before, this is a new landmark in supporting sustainable growth and building a low-carbon future in Europe. In 2010, total EIB … Read more

Dutch Grid Project to Connect Offshore Wind Farms

The European Investment Bank has agreed to provide a Eur450 million loan to TenneT Holding to finance construction and operation of an 83km 380kV transmission connection between the Hague and Rotterdam. This will close the ‘Randstad 380’ extra-high voltage electricity transmission ring. The project will connect offshore wind farms and the UK interconnector to the … Read more

€150 Million Loan For Hungarian-Croatian Gas Pipeline

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is providing a loan of Eur150 million to MOL (Hungarian Oil and Gas Company) to co-finance the construction of 205 km long natural gas transmission pipeline between Varosfold and the Croatian-Hungarian border. The project will create a bi-directional gas transmission between Hungary and Croatia. It covers also the construction of … Read more

Biggest EIB Loan for Energy in the Mediterranean

The European Investment Bank has announced a Eur500 million loan to Medgaz for the construction of a gas pipeline between Algeria and Spain. The financed project consists of transporting gas energy from Algeria to Spain over a length of 210 km. It comprises the construction and operation of a sub-sea gas transmission pipeline between Beni … Read more

New Funding for Renewable Energy Companies

The Government has announced new funding for renewable energy companies in Ireland. Funding will be made available through NER300, a financing instrument managed jointly by the European Commission, European Investment Bank and Member States of the European Union. It will assist eight carbon capture and storage and 34 renewable energy projects in the EU. Single … Read more

£250 Million Loan For Gas Network in Scotland and Southern England

The European Investment Bank has agreed to lend £250 million for the replacement, reinforcement and expansion of the gas distribution networks operated by Scotland Gas Networks and Southern Gas Networks. The two companies, wholly owned by Scotia Gas Networks (SGN), will receive £150 million and £100 million respectively. SGN is the UK’s second largest gas … Read more

€220m Investment to Help Lower Emissions From Agricultural Equipment

The European Investment Bank has agreed to support research and development at John Deere plants in Germany and France, including initiatives to lower emissions from agricultural equipment. The loan is part of the European Investment Bank’s broader financial support for innovation and to promote long-term investment in low emission and fuel efficient engine technology across … Read more