EPA Updates Biodiversity Action Plan

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has published its first biannual update of its Biodiversity Action Plan. This Biodiversity Action Plan sets out the EPA’s progress in the implementation of its role in protecting biodiversity and covers a range of activities in the following areas: * Monitoring; * Research; * Assessment and Reporting; * Environmental Regulation; … Read more

Ireland Meeting Most EU Waste Recovery and Recycling Targets

Ireland is well advanced in achieving most of the EU waste recovery and recycling targets, with the exception of end of life vehicle targets, according to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) National Waste Report 2010. The economic downturn is having a marked influence on municipal waste generation, which has decreased by 16 per cent since … Read more

EPA Review Implementation Plan Published

The Government has published a plan for the implementation of the recommendations of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Review Group. The independent Review Group, established in February 2010 to review the scope, mandate, structure and performance of the EPA, presented its report in May 2011. This report contains 58 recommendations across a number of different … Read more

Watertight: The Future of Irish Water

The Environmental Protection Agency and the Science Gallery will hold an hour-long free public event this coming Thursday evening (January 12th) in the Science Gallery entitled Watertight: the Future of Irish Water. The event is free and is part of the Science Gallery’s very successful Surface Tension: The Future of Water exhibition which is supported … Read more

EPA Launches New On-line national Register for Extractive Industries

The Environmental Protection Agency has launched a new extractive industries website. Extractive Industries are facilities engaged in surface or underground extraction of mineral resources for commercial purposes for example, quarries, mining sites or peat extraction. The website is a data management system that provides a single mechanism to create a national register of Extractive Industries. … Read more

Ireland on Track to Meet Greenhouse Gas Emissions Targets

Provisional greenhouse gas emissions figures released by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) include trends since 1990, and show Ireland’s status in meeting our obligations set under the Kyoto Protocol. Ireland’s greenhouse gas emissions fell by 0.69 million tonnes (1.1%) in 2010. Agriculture remains the single largest contributor to overall emissions, at 30.4% of the total, … Read more

Green Enterprise Guide Launched

The Government has launched ‘Developing a Green Enterprise’, a concise guide for businesses in Ireland to the supports (including State-funded programmes) offered by the various State agencies with responsibility for environment, enterprise development and energy. The Green Enterprise Guide has been developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), … Read more

Independent Review Endorses EPA’s Role and Performance

The EPA overall has provided “considerable benefit for Ireland’s environment and for the health and well-being of its people,” according to an independent review of the agency. The review was a commitment in the Programme for Government 2007, and is the first review of the Environmental Protection Agency to be carried out. The EPA welcomes … Read more