Sainsbury’s Now the Largest Solar Panel Operator in the UK and Europe

Supermarket group Sainsbury’s has installed 69,500 new photovoltaic solar panels, or 16 MW of power, across 169 stores in the UK. The significant investment means collectively Sainsbury’s supermarkets currently host the largest solar array in the UK and Europe – large enough to cover Wembley’s pitch 24 times. The solar power will reduce Sainsbury’s total … Read more

NUI Galway Students Scoop Top Three Prizes at Transport Industry Awards

NUI Galway’s first-year Engineering students have scooped first, second and third prize in the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport Ireland ‘Student Idea of the Year’ Awards. The awards are presented to the originators of the most innovative ideas which could make the most significant contribution to some aspect of the transport industry in Ireland. … Read more

Wind Power Meeting Kyoto Commitments While Climate Negotiations Stall

While UN climate negotiations show no sign of significant progress, calculations from the European Wind Energy Association show that wind energy is achieving over a quarter of the emissions reductions required under the current Kyoto agreement. The recent UN climate negotiations in Bangkok “produced little more than the agenda for further negotiations,” according to the … Read more

EU Directive on Clean and Energy Efficient Vehicles

The EU directive on the promotion of clean and energy-efficient road transport vehicles, which applies to all procurements of vehicles for public transport services from this month, requires public authorities, when buying a vehicle, to take account of its energy consumption, CO2 emissions and pollutant emissions over the vehicle’s lifetime. The clean vehicle directive introduces … Read more

EU CO2 Emissions From New Cars See Biggest Ever Fall

Average CO2 emissions from new cars sold in the EU dropped by 5% last year, the biggest annual fall ever recorded, a report just published by the European Commission shows. The Commission report summarising data on emissions from new passenger cars for the monitoring year 2009 shows a 5.1% drop in average C02 emissions against … Read more

New Tool For Evaluating CO2 Emissions From Commercial Vehicles

European commercial vehicle manufacturers are developing an evaluation tool to calculate real-life CO2 emissions from trucks and buses ahead of purchase. Market forces play an instrumental role in reducing CO2 emissions from road transport and an accurate CO2-calculator would further support the customer in finding the most fuel-efficient vehicle for each specific transport mission. The … Read more

Funding of €9m to 43 Companies Under the Energy Efficiency Fund

Government funding of €9 million has been granted to 43 organisations involving capital investment projects of approximately €25 million, under the national Energy Efficiency Fund (EEF) for public and private sector businesses. The projects, 20 of which are public sector, and 23 private and voluntary sectors, will be completed by the end of 2010, and … Read more