€30 Million Additional Funding For National Energy Retrofitting Programme

The Government, as part of its Jobs Initiative package, has allocated additional expenditure of €30 million in 2011 to the Department of Communications Energy and Natural Resources for the national energy retrofitting programme. Additional Exchequer funding of €19 million is to be supplemented by €11 million savings from within that Department’s existing allocation. This will … Read more

Kerrygold Goes Green

Dairy products company Adams Foods, which is part of the Irish Dairy Board, is achieving impressive carbon performance at its new factory at Leek in Staffordshire, England, thanks to combined heat and power (CHP) technology. The 150kW CHP unit, supplied by sustainable power group ENER-G, is part of an environmental management programme at the factory. … Read more

Largest Ever UK Heat Pump Field Trial Says Technologies Can Bring Carbon Savings

The Energy Saving Trust in the UK is calling on industry to improve installation techniques for air and ground source heat pumps to ensure they become a quality and mainstream technology for householders. This follows the completion of the first phase of the most comprehensive field trial of the technologies ever undertaken in the UK, … Read more

UK Biofuels Exceeding Government Targets

According to the latest report by the Renewable Fuels Agency, almost 1.6 billion litres of biofuels were used in the UK in the twelve months since April 2009, accounting for 3.33% of total road transport fuel, exceeding the British Government’s target of 3.25%. This has resulted in significant carbon savings of 51% compared to petrol … Read more