Producing Biofuel From Waste Crisps and Pies

Greenergy, a privately owned company that supplies one fifth of Britain’s road fuel, has begun producing biodiesel from food waste. In a unique partnership with Brocklesby, a specialist in recycling edible oils, unsaleable food products such as crisps and pies, which would previously have gone to landfill or compost, are now being converted for biofuel … Read more

Kerrygold Goes Green

Dairy products company Adams Foods, which is part of the Irish Dairy Board, is achieving impressive carbon performance at its new factory at Leek in Staffordshire, England, thanks to combined heat and power (CHP) technology. The 150kW CHP unit, supplied by sustainable power group ENER-G, is part of an environmental management programme at the factory. … Read more

Oil Majors Slow to Take Up Sustainable Biofuels

Big oil companies bringing biofuel to the UK market are not doing enough to ensure that it is delivering carbon savings and being produced in a sustainable manner. BP, Chevron, Murco, Total, INEOS and Morgan all missed all three sustainability performance targets set as part of the UK Government’s Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO). Murco … Read more

EU Study Confirms Hydrogen is Key to Zero-emission Road Transport

Hydrogen-powered fuel-cell cars are set to play a key role in reducing the emissions of road transport as we move forward. That is the conclusion of an unprecedented European study conducted to date on the prospects of various power-train solutions for personal mobility. The study was prompted by the target set by the EU Commission … Read more

Head Appointed to Competence Centre For Biorefining and Bioenergy

Bart Bonsall has been appointed to head the Competence Centre for Biorefining and Bioenergy, NUI Galway, co-hosted by UL and UCD. He is one of the team of technology leaders that will run eight research centres aimed at linking industry and academics to work on market-focused innovative products. The appointment is part of the Government’s … Read more