eHeat Conference 2023: Shaping the Future of Sustainable Heating Solutions

On the 29th of November, eHeat Ireland will host its highly anticipated annual conference at the Croke Park Conference Centre in Dublin. The event promises to be a dynamic gathering of industry experts, policy makers, professionals, and company owners, all united by a common goal: the electrification of heat as a powerful strategy to combat carbon emissions.

The conference will serve as a platform for meaningful discussions and knowledge sharing on how the electrification of heat can revolutionise Ireland’s industry and business landscape by reducing dependence on fossil fuels. Electrification is not only sustainable but also efficient and economically advantageous, making it an ideal choice for generating heat in various industrial sectors.

Key Topics at the Conference:

  1. High Heat Pump Technologies: Explore the diverse range of heat pump technologies available for industry in Ireland.
  2. Support for Electrification: Learn about the support systems in place to facilitate the transition to electric heat.
  3. Case Studies: Gain insights from a broad range of industries through real-world case studies on heat pump technologies.

This conference will delve into the electrification of heat opportunity for industry and its role in supporting Ireland’s climate goals. Participants will discover currently available heat pump technologies and understand the various supports available for electrification. Real-life case studies will provide invaluable lessons in making the transition to electric heat.

Speaking ahead of the conference, CEO of Astatine Tom Marren noted “The conference is set to attract a diverse audience, including industrial organisations/companies with Scope 1 GHG emissions reduction targets, policy makers, and industry experts. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear how large energy users are utilizing heat pump technologies to reduce emissions and gain insights into climate policy in Ireland.”

One of the conference’s highlights is the participation of the Minister for Climate, Eamon Ryan, who will share his thoughts on the pressing issues related to decarbonisation and the global shift toward eco-friendly heating systems.

The eHeat conference offers a unique platform to learn from subject matter experts and network with peers in the industry. It’s an event that promises to shape the future of sustainable heating solutions in Ireland.