“Steering towards sustainability” The Port of Cork Company transitions to Electric Vehicles

As part of an on-going commitment to a more sustainable future, The Port of Cork Company (PoCC) is encouraging a companywide transition to electric vehicles (EVs) and announces plans to invest in more sustainable equipment.

The Port of Cork has purchased its first new fully electric van for its operations and maintenance team and plans to add further EVs to its fleet, as part of this transition.

To support the move, PoCC is also in the process of installing six charging points for electric vehicles across several Port locations, to help encourage and support staff who have already purchased, or are considering switching to EVs.

CEO of the Port of Cork Company, Eoin McGettigan stated, “Sustainability is something that we as a company are very passionate about. As an EV driver myself for many years, I am proud to be encouraging and leading a companywide move towards electric vehicles. This transition will be introduced in stages and as work vehicles come to be renewed, EVs will now be explored as a first option. Offering energy efficient and zero emission alternatives is a pivotal part of driving The Port of Cork Company toward a more sustainable future and will help us to minimise our environmental impact within our every day Port activities. We are delighted to support our staff who decide to make the switch to EVs, by providing charging infrastructure in multiple port locations. ”

As outlined in the company’s Safety, Health, Environment, Energy & Quality Policy, PoCC are committed to lead the wider port community to minimise environmental impacts and ensure energy efficiency through co-ordinated environmental management, reducing CO2 emissions and conserving natural resources.

To find out more about The Port of Cork Company, please visit www.portofcork.ie.