Cognition World partners with Energia to help businesses become smart & sustainable

Dublin, Ireland: Irish sustainability-tech company Cognition World, working with Energia, has launched Energia Connect360 – a real-time data analytics portal.

The company has partnered with Energia, Ireland’s greenest electricity supplier, to provide the Connect360 tool to Energia business energy customers across Ireland. The solution enables businesses across all sectors to reduce their energy consumption, eliminate waste and improve sustainability in a cost-effective manner.

Thomas McGrath, Managing Director of Cognition says “Bringing IoT-led technology to everyday businesses helps to find inefficiencies in their operations. Without the ability to process large volumes of data at scale and in real-time, businesses struggle to know where inefficiencies lie as they battle with manual or historic data. We’ve focused on developing a solution that’s simple to use to identify ‘easy wins’ in energy optimisation and sustainability management. We’re enabling businesses to capture the ESG data needed to target those harder to reach inefficiencies, such as process & quality improvements.”

Andy Meagher Director at Energia says, “We are delighted to partner with Cognition World to bring the Connect360 offering to our business customers. This solution is very much reflective of our focus on sustainability and the service we want to deliver for our customers and their communities. It will enable businesses to maximise their sustainable activities in a cost effective and efficient manner and is aligned to our own ongoing digital transformation ambitions”.

Connect 360 is real-time, making advanced analytics both affordable and accessible for all business types. Cost-effective, wireless data-capture devices are bundled with low bandwidth connectivity – which enables long-life device duration. This data is displayed on the Connect360 portal, a cloud-based analytics platform. Clients access reporting dashboards to show real-time performance as well as historical anomalies, generating cost-effective, operational intelligence. Visualising and contextualising how businesses use their machines has been proven to help increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Connect360 has been designed for clients with no experience of energy management. The hardware is self-install, meaning no expensive site visits or costly installations. The wireless sensors are simply clipped around the wires of machines on site and/or wireless enviro-activity sensors are easily adhesived on walls to track temperature, humidity, motion, CO2 & light levels. Combined data flows into the Connect360 platform to build a pattern of behaviour and alerts for when volumes fall out of tolerance. Data captured helps understand historically hard to track issues:

·  ensuring machines are being used at times of optimum tariff & national grid efficiency

·  identifying which machines and processes are operating unexpectedly

·  tracking the peaks and troughs of energy & utility consumption to manage asset behaviour

·  optimising the environment by intelligently managing temperature, humidity & CO2