Second annual Irish Wind Awards celebrates record-breaking year

Almost 400 people from Ireland’s largest renewable energy industry joined broadcaster and commentator Ivan Yates at the second annual Irish Wind Energy Awards in Clontarf Castle, Dublin, on Friday night to celebrate another record-breaking year for the industry.

In a year when climate change has never been more talked about, wind energy has emerged as Ireland’s strongest defence – with the Government’s own Climate Action Plan placing wind at its heart –  highlighting the electricity sector’s potential to save 8 million tonnes more CO2 annually by 2030.

On Friday 24th January almost 400 people gathered in Clontarf Castle, in Dublin to honour the men and women working in the wind industry in Ireland, who are making this climate defence possible.

  • 12 awards presented on the night – highlighting innovation, excellence in training, work in communities, education initiatives, health and safety and the coveted ‘Champion of Renewables award.’
  • Winner of the ‘Champion of Renewables Award’ is former Director for Renewables, Energy Efficiency and Innovation at the Directorate General for Energy of the European Commission, Marie Donnelly. Marie is also Chairperson of Renewable Energy Ireland, a partnership of sustainable energy associations working collectively to support the energy transition in Ireland.
  • The award for ‘Wind Energy in the Community’ was presented to Galway Wind Park (SSE / Greencoat Renewables) for their education programme which has funded 40 local students on their journey to third level (40 students in 2019).
  • An ‘Exemplary Health and Safety’ award was given to Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy forward thinking mental health initiative – which aims to have mental health first aid on a par with traditional first aid and equally funded / supported.
  • ‘Best Project’ of the year was given to a Oweninny wind farm, a joint ESB-Bord na Móna project, in Mayo and its plans for a €3 million local visitor and community centre which will become a tourist hub for north Mayo.

Dr David Connolly, CEO of the Irish Wind Energy Association, said: “Last year was a pivotal one for Irish wind energy. In the Climate Action Plan we have, for the first time, an all of Government vision for how we can decarbonise Ireland’s electricity system.

“Wind energy provided a record-breaking 33 per cent of Ireland’s electricity in 2019 which is one of the highest shares worldwide – in fact third just after Denmark and Uruguay. It is at the heart of the Climate Action Plan with targets set for 3.5 GW of offshore wind energy and to double our onshore wind generation capacity to more than 8 GW by 2030.

“We know our industry can deliver these targets. These awards celebrate the men and women working in the wind industry who will achieve them, who are making possible Ireland’s fight against climate change.

“Through their innovation and determination, we are seeing huge positive benefits – from investment in local communities, the thousands of people employed in our industry and in cheaper wholesale electricity prices.”

Winner of the ‘Champion of Renewables Award’ Marie Donnelly, accepting her award, explains the importance of

Winner of the ‘Champion of Renewables Award’ Dr. Marie Donnelly

wind energy for Ireland:

“It’s a real honour for me. I appreciate the recognition that this award implies. And I think it’s an indication of where we are in Ireland with the energy transition. We have made great progress and we are now set to charge down the path of success here in Ireland. Renewable energy has come of age. The technology has matured and found its own place, costs have come down and efficiency is there. The reality of a carbon free system is in place.”

Voters say climate change will influence their decision on polling day – The Irish Wind Energy Association welcomed the results of an Interactions opinion poll, published earlier this year which found that 79 per cent of Irish people back wind energy. It also showed a majority of those polled – 55 per cent – said climate change would greatly or somewhat influence how they vote in the next election* More in notes to editor.


List of shortlisted nominees and winners in each category:

  1. Wind Energy in the Community 

Sponsored by innogy Renewables Ireland

SSE Renewables/Greencoat Renewables (winner)

Energia Renewables

SSE Airtricity powered by SSE Renewables

  1. Excellence in Operation and Maintenance  

Sponsored by Height for Hire 

Nordex Energy Ireland

RES (winner)

Natural Power

  1. Exemplary Health & Safety Performance 

Sponsored by Bank of Ireland

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (winner)

CGN Europe Energy Ireland


  1. Outstanding Innovation 

Sponsored by ElectroRoute


Electricity Exchange

EnergyPro (winner)

  1. Best Original Technology

Sponsored by Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

NovoGrid (winner)



  1. Excellence in Training and Development

Sponsored by Green Tech Skillnet

Energia Group

ARCH (winner)

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

  1. Best Professional Services 

Sponsored by Nordex Energy Ireland

Arthur Cox

ElectroRoute (winner)


  1. Best Consultant 

Sponsored by VESTAS 

Ionic Consulting

Jennings O’Donovan & Partners

MKO (winner)

  1. Best Project  

Sponsored by Ionic Consulting 

Cronalaght Windfarm

Oweninny Windfarm Phase 1 ESB/ Bord na Mona (winner)

Craiggore Windfarm

  1. Champion of Renewables 

Sponsored by Bord Na Móna 

Marie C. Donnelly, Renewable Energy Ireland (winner)

Mark Turner, Baringa Partners

Peter Harte, Statkraft Ireland

Dr Orla Nic Suibhne, WDC

  1. Overall winner



  1. IWEA Person of the Year

Paul Blount, Portfolio Director at Coillte

The IWEA person of the Year award is nominated by staff at IWEA. Paul was chosen for his outstanding contribution to policy work in IWEA through his work on various committees and working groups and his lead role in IWEA’s 70by30 Report