IrBEA are delighted to announce Bord na Móna as premium sponsor of Bioenergy conference

Tom Egan, Head of BnM Powergen Operations, with Seán Finan, CEO of Irish Bioenergy Association viewing Biomass at BnM’s Edenderry Power Station

The Irish Bioenergy Association (IrBEA) is pleased to announce Bord na Móna (BNM) as the premium sponsor for their upcoming National Bioenergy Conference which will take place in Croke Park on February 26th next. The conference titled “Bioenergy – Inspiring the Industry with Opportunity and Vision” will bring together professionals, industry representatives,  researchers, farmers, foresters, technology providers and many important stakeholders across the bioenergy sectors of biomass, biogas, biofuels, energy crops and wood fuels. The conference provides a platform to discuss all aspects of the bioenergy industry, its role in the transition to a low carbon economy and the opportunity and role bioenergy has in addressing climate change.

Des O’Toole, IrBEA President welcoming the premium sponsorship of Bord na Móna for the Irish Bioenergy Association conference and said “Sustainably produced biomass will play a key role in Irelands transition from a fossil-fuel based economy to a low carbon economy. We are delighted to welcome Bord na Móna as premium sponsor for this year’s upcoming Irish Bioenergy Association conference. Bord na Móna are actively encouraging the mobilisation of Irelands private forestry resources, matching local supply with local energy demand while providing a route to market for these first and second thinning’s”

Announcing details of the conference, it was confirmed that the event will hear from industry experts who will share their thoughts and insights into the opportunities that exist for bioenergy in Ireland. Speakers will address some of the key opportunities and challenges which exist for the bioenergy industry such as air quality, need for government  supports, how to establish and develop a bioenergy business in rural Ireland, mobilisation of private forestry resources, the global picture for bioenergy and challenges we face in achieving Irish and European targets. The conference will also provide delegates with an invaluable opportunity to network and meet key individuals and friends working within the industry.

Seán Finan IrBEA CEO said “we are delighted to welcome Bord na Móna as a premium sponsor for our conference. Bord na Móna is a valued member of our association and are on an exciting transition journey from fossil fuels to renewable energy. The company has a very significant part to play as a large scale user of domestically grown biomass and energy crops. Bord na Móna’s business and power generation activities are responsible for developing indigenous biomass supply chain and markets for biomass materials. The use of indigenous biomass by Bord na Móna will assist Ireland to decarbonisation our energy system but also drive the economic and growth agenda in rural Ireland.”

Head of Bord na Móna Powergen Operations, Tom Egan said:  “We are delighted to be sponsoring the IrBEA National Bioenergy Conference. Edenderry Power Station shows the potential of bioenergy and how it can help Ireland transition from fossil fuels to low carbon, renewable energy generation. Our latest figures show 80% of Edenderry’s biomass is supplied by Irish producers. The biomass contribution at Edenderry makes it the biggest supplier of ‘on-demand’ renewable energy on the Island of Ireland. This means when the wind doesn’t blow or the sun doesn’t shine we can guarantee a supply of renewable energy to the grid.  Ireland aims to have a 70% renewable electricity supply by 2030.  By 2024 Edenderry will be generating 100% renewable energy, helping Ireland meet this vital climate action target”.


About the Bioenergy Future Ireland National Conference

The conference will take place in Croke Park on the 26th February 2019. To book a delegate place please contact John McNamee at + 46 9773434

Check out the conference website at for a full speaker schedule and agenda and to register as a delegate.

About the Irish Bioenergy Association (IrBEA)

IrBEA was founded in May 1999. Its role is to promote the bioenergy industry and to develop this important sector on the island of Ireland. The organisation is a self-governing non-profit association of voluntary members. Our diverse membership includes: farmers and foresters, fuel suppliers, energy development companies, equipment manufacturers and suppliers, engineers, financiers and tax advisers, legal firms, consultants, planners, research organisations, local authorities, education and advisory bodies – anyone with an interest in the bioenergy industry. Governance and strategic oversight is provided by the Board of Directors and a Management Committee, with support from a small Executive Team. IrBEA is affiliated to Bioenergy Europe and the European Biogas Association (EBA).

About  Bord na Móna

In order to support Ireland’s energy security Bord na Móna previously used much of its land to harvest peat for energy generation. The urgent need to support positive climate action measures means the company is now managing its business in a very different way.

As part of its Brown to Green Strategy, Bord na Móna is implementing an extensive peatland rehabilitation programme, developing its renewable assets and expanding its new low carbon operations.

A key objective of this strategy involves using our assets to increase our contribution towards meeting Ireland’s Climate targets from green, sustainable energy solutions. As the company undertakes this broad range of positive climate actions, it supports the transition to a green economy and in the next few years will also become one of the largest producers of renewable electricity in Ireland.