Cork – Where the Grass is Always Greener: Cork is now home to Ireland’s first plastic-free, flexible office space.

Pictured at the launch of contemporary Cork co-working space, Glandore Cork’s’Green Initiative’ were Barry Williams, Business Development & Community Executive, Glandore Cork; Danielle Healy, (centre) Sales Manager, Glandore Cork and Simona Pace, Member Service Executive, Glandore Cork.

Green workspaces, zero carbon emissions, climate change and climate emergency are all becoming increasingly topical issues, especially with the recent efforts of Sir David Attenborough and the multiple Irish student strikes over climate inaction.

Proving that they are once again ahead of the curve, family-run business Glandore Network – who for the last 18 years have been providing tailored, shared workplace solutions for individuals, SMEs and global businesses – have taken a big step in their quest to improve their contribution to a greener environment.

Established in 2001 and with nine locations across Cork, Dublin and Belfast, Glandore recently launched their ‘Green Initiative’ in an effort to make a difference to the wellness of the world around them as well as the business’ internal environment. The Glandore Green Initiative, led by an internal ‘Green Team’, seeks to make Glandore the most sustainable and green serviced office and flexible workspace provider in Ireland.

With that, in 2019 Glandore declared its newest office space location in City Quarter, Lapps Quay, Cork City as its first plastic-free, flexible office space in Ireland. They provide reusable amenities across all their facilities and have worked with their suppliers to ensure that deliveries are plastic-free and that other packaging coming on-site is reduced. Glandore are now fully committed to seeking positive change in the communities where their offices are based and embrace the opportunity and responsibility to increase green initiatives with staff, members and the wider community in Cork. Their commitment to establishing their Green Initiative will also filter through to the general public, with a number of green-focused talks, which will be delivered by industry experts, to take place over the course of the coming 18 months.

Glandore have also already begun to make waves as the first Irish coworking company to commit to using 100 percent renewable energy across all of their Irish locations, through the installation of solar panels and smart light sensors. In addition, they have fitted each of their shared office spaces with recycling and composting facilities, as well as incorporating electric car charging ports at a handful of their properties.

Speaking about the initiative, Glandore Director, Clare Kelly said: “Coworking and flexible workspace by their very definition are green. It’s not just a sharing of ideas but of space, heat, light and other resources. Applying techniques such as smart light sensors and solar panels, Glandore is Ireland’s first flexible workspace and coworking company to state their commitment to using 100 percent renewable energy. Often companies and individuals believe recycling is enough, but as an organisation, we believe it’s important to take it a step further. Naturally we want to increase recycling rates, but the priority is to reduce waste entirely.”

They see their investment in both their Green Initiative and Wellness Programme as not only externally helping the environment, but also internally aiding their member companies in the form of savings and future-proofing their businesses.

Having launched their first Cork-based flexible workspace on Lapps Quay last November, they have quickly established themselves as a serious player within this growing industry in the ‘real capital’. Standing out from the crowd has been an easy task for the family business, not only as a result of their stylish and impressive quarters in the heart of Cork’s business district but also thanks to their Wellness Programme, which can be enjoyed on a complimentary basis by both their member businesses and employees of Glandore. The carefully coordinated programme ensures that the creativity and productivity of all users is continuously nurtured, with yoga classes, pamper days and on-site nutritionists, barbers and hairdressers on-hand for those in need of a well-earned break from the desk.

Through this scheme, Glandore have placed great emphasis on the physical and mental wellbeing of staff and member employees, believing that this plays an essential role in promoting the growth of the companies that operate and thrive under their roof. This focus on establishing a greener environment for employees has been an integral step in the development of Glandore’s continuing legacy and has been working incredibly well in tandem with their ongoing efforts to conserve the environment.

Glandore’s latest charitable endeavors have also been intrinsically linked to the themes of wellness, self-care and care for others. Their Cork base recently transformed into a photographer’s studio for a day, when their staff, member employees and the general public were invited to pop along and have a professional head shot taken for LinkedIn and business use, with all donations made on the day going to Pieta House. A phenomenal €1,000 was raised for the worthy charity through Glandore’s popular and innovative event.

Delving in to their Wellness Programme and recent fundraising efforts, Glandore Director, Clare Kelly once again commented: “Wellness is not just a tick box for Glandore, it is about really getting to know what our members and employees need at a deeper level, knowing what they need to be comfortable, motivated and productive in the workplace and knowing what will keep a smile on their faces on a day-to-day basis. Staff retention is key in our business and making sure people are bought in and have shared goals is essential. Furthermore, our recent fundraising drive for Pieta House ties in with our overall commitment to promoting the importance of both mental and physical wellbeing; our state of mind impacts every area of our lives and should always be our number one priority.”


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