Call for industry and business to participate in International Energy Agency funded projects.

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) is seeking expressions of interest from Irish energy experts to participate in international collaborations focused on the development of low-carbon technologies. Successful applicants will participate in the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) research network. The network is made up of 6,000 academics, researchers, policy makers and industry representatives, from nearly 300 public and private organisations, located in 55 countries from across the globe.

SEAI coordinates Ireland’s participation in IEA Technology Collaboration Programmes (TCPs).

These TCPs facilitate international cooperation and collaboration to identify new solutions for future energy systems, and to develop new and improved technologies, processes and policies to deliver these. SEAI is particularly seeking experts in the following areas: Bioenergy, wind energy, ocean energy systems, hybrid and electric vehicles, smart grid, demand side management, energy in buildings and communities, and energy technology system analysis.

SEAI promotes participation in IEA activities by paying country membership fees, Task membership fees and contributing towards the costs of travel expenses for experts appointed to participate in Tasks.

The key benefits of participation are:

  • Representing Ireland internationally at the forefront of activity in your area of expertise
  • Reduced cost and duplication of research activities through coordination of international collaboration
  • Information sharing and networking with leading international research and development performing organisations
  • Participation in the development and deployment of important energy technologies, processes and systems which are of global strategic importance
  • Forming new partnerships and strengthening research and development capability for future transnational collaborative working (e.g., H2020/FP9 consortia etc.)
  • Learning from and contributing to best practice
  • Linking research, industry and policy on a global scale
  • Being at the forefront of international technical standards development
  • Involvement in technology development and the exposure of Irish companies/universities/research institutions/public and semi-state bodies to international expertise and opportunities
  • Ensuring that Irish researchers are familiar with, and contribute to, developing international best practice


Who can apply?

This call is open to public and private sector organisations based in Ireland (including Irish subsidiaries of overseas companies). Applications will be accepted from companies, research performing organisations (e.g., Universities, Institutes of Technology and Publicly Funded Research Institutions), NGOs, public sector bodies and semi-state bodies, who are based in Ireland.


Proposals from individuals applying in their own right will not be accepted.

Further information and details on how to apply see here

The closing date for Expressions of Interest is 3pm on Thursday 01 November 2018.