EU connects 13GW in 2015

Wind accounted for 44% of all new power installations in the EU in 2015, connecting a total of 12.8GW to the grid, according to the European Wind Energy Association.

Some 9766MW was connected onshore and 3034MW offshore, with the volume of new installations up 6.3% on 2014.

EWEA said total wind capacity in Europe now stands at 142GW and covers 11.4% of Europe’s electricity needs.

Renewables accounted for 77% of new power plant installations in 2015 – 22.3GW out of a total of 29GW.

Investment in new onshore and offshore wind farms stood at €26.4bn last year, an increase of 40% increase on 2014.

Germany accounted for almost half the new wind installations in 2015, with Poland in second spot with 1.3GW followed by France with 1GW.

EWEA chief executive officer Giles Dickson said: “We’ve seen strong expansion in Germany in 2015 and a strong year for offshore wind.

“But growth is uneven geographically.  We’re not doing as well in countries where the policy and regulation is unclear and/or ineffective – investors and developers go elsewhere.

“As of now only six out of the 28 EU states have clear targets and policies in place for renewables post-2020.  We see more ambition in emerging economies – which puts a question mark by the EU’s goal to be number one in renewables.

“The Commission’s proposal for a new Renewable Energy Directive, due in December, is a key opportunity to drive greater ambition from member states in the absence of binding national targets.”