Energia Named Greenest Home Electricity Supplier In RoI

Irish energy firm has been named the greenest home electricity supplier in the Republic of Ireland, for the second year.

The ranking is derived from the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) report on fuel-mix and CO2 emissions for individual electricity suppliers licensed in Ireland.

The report found that Energia’s emissions of CO2 in tonnes per Megawatt Hour (MWh) of electricity supplied was 0.0 in 2014.

100% of Energia’s fuel mix came from renewable resources in 2014. Energia is among Ireland’s leading providers of energy from renewable resources.

Energia’s Head of Marketing Geoff Codd said: “We’re delighted to be Ireland’s ‘Greenest Home Energy Supplier’ for the second year in a row. As well as getting the best energy deals, it matters to both householders and businesses that the power they’re using is made as sustainably as possible. That approach is central to our business where, through our investments in renewable energy, we are one of the most significant contributors to the achievement of Ireland’s C02 emission reduction targets.”